Florida Water TableFlorida Water Table

Understanding Florida Water Table and how the affect construction, when structures are built in Florida, residential homes have a first floor elevation minimum building code, the code refers to first floor elevation to be 12″ above finish grade. If your first floor elevation is at grade or lower than you need to build or treat this structure as a below grade structure because as the water table rises in the rain season or long periods of rain it will come in contact with the bottom of your slab causing the first floor finishes to become wet. This problem will lead to many expensive repairs if not corrected.

Groundwater Information and Data

Florida Water Table
Florida Water Table

The U.S. Geological Survey collects groundwater level data at about 20,000 wells nationwide, 222 here in Florida. The USGS provides long-term, accurate, and unbiased information that meets the needs of many diverse users. The USGS collects groundwater data needed by Federal, State, and local agencies for planning and operating water-resources projects and regulatory programs.

The links below allow you to find information and data about Florida’s groundwater resources.

Groundwater Levels

Water-Level Statistics

Florida Water Table
Florida Water Table

Groundwater Use

Groundwater Projects and Products

Potentiometric Surface Maps

If a contractor doesn’t understand the Florida Water Table how can they possible provide there customers with an effective Foundation Waterproofing or Drainage Plan.

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