Foundation Waterproofing Warranty

out door sump-pump system
out door sump-pump system

This page is a reminder that proper maintenance is key to keeping your Foundation Waterproofing 101 Seal Tight Waterproofing and Drainage System properly functioning. This system is no different than any other mechanical system around your home. These systems need to be monitored from time to time especially when storms are a threat.

Florida weather can be unpredictable to say the least.  When tropical storms, depressions or hurricanes happen flooding in low lying areas will take place. For all Foundation Waterproofing 101 Seal Tight Waterproofing and Drainage System with sump pumps, you will need a generator to keep the pump running during storm events.

Below you will see a system check list:

  1. Make sure the discharge line is free from debris.
  2. Make sure sump well is clean.
  3. Check power and GIF.
  4. Remove lid and lift the sump-pump float switch to make sure pump is working.
  5. Make sure power cord is above ground level away from pooling water. 
  6. Remove any small items that could enter the tank and damage the pump.
  7. Clean the gutters of your home.

Please feel free to call our office with any questions or if you need help. 

  • Office 813-614-4830
  • Doug Grice 941-224-4870
  • Jeff Earl 941-201-2672

Below you will see the basic terms of our Foundation Waterproofing Warranty. Please revert to your contract to see your warranty terms.

Foundation Masters, LLC will honor a limited life time transferable warranty on the labor for the waterproofing installation. Warranty transfer information can be found at the following web location: Use this link for keeping your warranty valid following the sale of your home at a future time. Guarantee does not cover: movement caused by earthquake, severe wind, flood, sinkhole, or any similar man made or act of God condition. Warranty is void if any other work is done by another contractor or individual on which can directly or indirectly have an impact on any work done by Foundation Masters, LLC. Your exclusive remedy shall be for correction of any defect in workmanship and materials set forth in contract in no event shall you be entitled to consequential damages, regardless of whether the claim is based on warranty, contract, tort, or otherwise. You acknowledge that you have not relied upon any other warranty, promise or representation, either written or oral, and that the foregoing is the sole warranty regarding the work to be performed. Warranty is not in effect unless payments are made as specified below. 

Foundation Waterproofing System


Foundation Waterproofing 101
Foundation Waterproofing 101
Foundation Waterproofing 101
Foundation Waterproofing 101